Planverse Projects

We Are Carrby



Thinking Big Thinking Big

Thinking Big

We are committed to changing lives and make living better. We are Planverse, We are Practical.

Technology Driven Technology Driven

Technology Driven

We rely on the latest trends in technology and put the same technology to use for betterment of lives.

Together We Can Together We Can

Together We Can

Be believe in inclusive growth. We always have the communities around us in our mind before launching a vertical.

What We Do

Like every entrepreneur, we have many business concepts. All our concepts are extremely unique, game changing and highly useful to the society. We are working tirelessly to launch our concepts, we have a bunch of concepts under feasibility stage, very soon we will finalise and bring them to the reality.

To avoid the functional & operational overlaps during the development of these concepts, we have drawn the clear delineation lines between each concept and decided to convert each concept as a standalone vertical. Motive of the Planverse Projects is to oversee the operations from hierarchy standpoint and focus on each vertical vision within a single radar of operations. We are committed to bring out the most useful and practical concepts in-line within our vision.

Our Verticals


Twenty Square is the first Indian company that is delivering high-quality ABS plastic photo frames. We made our products with high quality materials, and our products are light weight and wall friendly. Installation is very easy, you can decorate any surface within a short coffee break, maximum takes 5 to 10 mins. Our products specialty is, you can stick and re-stick to various surfaces without effecting the surface, obviously you don’t need any nails or hammers. We turned this idea into a business concept to redefine the photo frames, hanging methods and memories!

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